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15 partners share energy efficiency and renewable solutions for buildings

12 Jul 2019
Atlantic Canada, Europe and Russian Federation have increased awareness and transferred good practices and successful services about energy solutions.
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Arctic Cluster project, or 'Arctic Collaboration to Support More Efficient Dissemination of Arctic Cooperation Project Results', funded under Arctic Cooperation cross-programme collaboration, has finished its innovation path achieving all the goals. In total, 15 partner regions from Europe, Atlantic Canada and Russian Federation, that are addressing similar themes and territorial challenges on energy efficiency and renewable solutions for buildings, have exchanged their experience.

The partnership comprises Ireland, UK, Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Canada. Partners include, municipalities, technical universities, agencies and applied research centres with links to the business sectors. “The project aims to increase awareness among the communities and transfer good energy practices about energy solutions in partner regions”, explains Ianire Renobales, Project Leader from ERNACT (Ireland). To achieve this objective, three projects from three Arctic Cooperation programmes have been working together. “Arctic Cooperation gave us the opportunity to work with different funding programmes in order to reach a wider audience. In that way, we involved SECURE -ERNACT led- project funded by Northern Periphery and Arctic Area, EEBAK from Interreg Nord and GrAB project from Kolarctic CBC programme”, adds Renobales. 

Arctic Cluster clustering project has optimised networking, monitoring, exchange of information, and the exploitation and dissemination of results in the three participating projects. Furthermore, the project has facilitated the involvement of a wider group of stakeholders in the Northern Periphery and Arctic area to achieve wider target audiences, including policy makers. 

SECURE, EEBAK and GrAB partners have exchanged more than 40 good practices and energy services. Those learnings are available on the Arctic Cluster website for a wider dissemination. During the lifetime of the project, partners have also published relevant information related to the projects’ achievements and progress. According to the Project Leader, partners have actively strived to ensure all Arctic Cluster activities were as green as possible in order to reduce carbon footprint and to lead by example. The partnership organised three Transnational Stakeholder Awareness Raising Webinars to disseminate the work and expertise in relation to energy efficiency and renewable solutions of partners. “All meetings and awareness raising webinars have been organised using digital technologies and good practices and energy services have been collected, documented and transferred across the project regions only using digital resources”