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GrAB project will officially kick-off in January 2019

19 Dec 2018
Narvik, in Nordland county (Norway), will be the city where the first Steering Group Meeting will take place.
GrAB kickoff meeting.jpg
GrAB kickoff meeting.jpg
Lead partners of GrAB, or Green Arctic Building project, from the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology of the UiT The Arctic University of Norway, have informed that project's kick-off meeting will take place in Narvik (Norway). 

According to Professor Bjørn R Sørensen, GrAB Project Manager, following the kick-off meeting, physical project meetings are planned every 6 months. Furthermore, the partnership will organise monthly meetings on Skype to maintain a discussion on the creation and promotion of environmental innovation in the field of "green building" adapted for the Arctic region.

"The project will start by looking at Green technologies related to energy supply, urban and indoor environmental quality", adds Professor R Sørensen. In parallel, the project team will collect data for a comparative analysis of regulations and standards, universal design, user behavior etc. Also, pilot projects will start in early spring. "The pilots are based on building two identical energy efficient buildings at two different locations. The pilots will serve as both demo objects and research installations (measurements)." As a demo object, the built houses will be used in connection to capacity building of companies, and as learning platform for the students. As research installation, measured data during controlled conditions will be analyzed (temperature, humidity, CO2, etc) too.

For further questions on the GrAB project, please don't hesitate to contact UiT The Arctic University of Norway.