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Arctic Cluster presented in Inverness and Rovaniemi

19 Nov 2018
Some of the partners have attended the two events organised by NPA programme and Arctic Cooperation cross-programme in Scotland and Finland.
Inverness, Scotland.

Arctic Cluster
project, or ‘Arctic Collaboration to Support More Efficient Dissemination of Arctic Cooperation Project Results’, has participated in a series of different events during this autumn. 

The clustering project has been involved in different relevant conferences organised by Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme and Arctic Cooperation Cross-programme. The participation in these events has been used to take the opportunity to share the work carried out in Arctic Cluster and disseminate the progress made to relevant stakeholders.

Project presentation in Rovaniemi (Finland)
The Arctic Cooperation cross-programme collaboration organised the '2nd Arctic Project Clustering Event' on the 6th and 7th of November at Lappia-talo theatre in Rovaniemi (Finland), where Arctic Cluster project was presented to over 100 participants coming from all countries from the Arctic. The event brought an excellent opportunity to make new contacts with some key Lapland's Smart Specialisation stakeholders and meet participants of Arctic Smartness Custer. Furthermore, the meeting provided a forum to share experiences, find synergies, build new partnerships and possibilities for cooperation.

Lead partners Mikko Rintala from Lapland University of Applied Sciences and EEBAK project and Ianire Renobales from ERNACT network and SECURE project, presented the clustering project to the audience. Rintala and Renobales spoke about the aim and objectives of the project, the partnership, workplan and transnational cooperation activities and highlighted some of the benefits of this kind of Arctic Cooperation.

Project presentation in Inverness (Scotland)
Arctic Cluster project has been officially presented during Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme’s Annual Conference ‘People of the North, across the generations’, held the 20th of September in Inverness (Scotland). Professor Bjørn R Sørensen from UiT The Arctic University of Norway and Ianire Renobales from ERNACT took the floor and explained to attendees how this clustering project is helping partners to discover good energy practices from other countries.

Arctic Cluster’s second webinar
The 2nd Transnational Stakeholder Awareness Raising Webinar took place on the 13th of November to disseminate the work, some of the services developed in relation to energy efficiency and renewable solutions. This time, some of the partners from SECURE and EEBAK projects participated and shared some of their energy related practices and future project activities: Emma Norton, from Ecology Action Centre in Nova Scotia (Canada), Martin Johnsen Megård from Norut -Northern Research Institute Narvik- in Nordland county (Norway), Olli Kuisma, from Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Rovaniemi (Finland) and Dr Caitriona Strain from ERNACT, Donegal County (Ireland).

Next steps
Arctic Cluster partnership is already working in the future project activities. Among others, partners will disseminate a new newsletter in December. Furthermore, they will continue collating an inventory of existing good energy practices and services across the 3 projects and they will organise the 3rd Transnational Stakeholder Awareness Raising Webinar in March 2019. 

Rovaniemi, Finland.