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"Do you have a partner on the other side of the border?"

10 Aug 2018
Kolarctic CBC programme is involved in Arctic Cluster, learn more!
Kolarctic CBC.JPG
Kolarctic CBC.JPG
Kolarctic CBC is a financing programme participating in Arctic Cooperation cross-programme. It supports interregional cooperation between North Calotte area and North-West Russia.

"It is one of several EU programmes supporting cross-border cooperation across the EU external borders. The Programme offers EU funding and National financing to projects that are in line with the Programme’s strategy".

To access this funding programme, innovation projects must have, at least, one partner from Finland or Sweden and, at least, one from Russia too. In the case of Norway, partners from this country can participate as equal partners. 

Learn more about Kolarctic CBC programme.
Picture by Kolarctic CBC.