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How to make buildings more energy efficient!

3 Aug 2018
EEBAK project will evaluate best practices and technical solutions for low energy houses
EEBAK news item.JPG
EEBAK news item.JPG
The main goal of the EEBAK project is to raise competence in the public sector and communities within the topic of energy effectivisation of buildings in the Arctic. EEBAK aims to compile and disseminate solutions for smaller energy consumption and better indoor climate. 

Through this project, different technical solutions will be presented and discussed with border municipalities and sector officials in various meetings, workshops and field trips.

As experts from Norut Northern Research Institute explain, "since Low Energy House technology is becoming a mature technology, the Norwegian government’s financial incentive programme for energy effectivisation of buildings has shifted focus to the rehabilitation of existing buildings. Therefore, the project shall also examine the efficiency of actions for improving the energy effectiveness of existing buildings". 

According to Project Manager Mikko Rintala from Lapland University of Applied Sciences, this project is mainly aimed at northern municipalities in Finland, Sweden and Norway and companies located in them. 

Find here EEBAK project flyer for further details.