Good Practices

SECURE, EEBAK and GrAB projects have identified many good practices that have been shared with the whole Arctic Cluster partnership. 


Find good energy practices collected from 'Smarter Energy Communities in Northern and Arctic Regions' project partner regions: Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Faroe Islands. These regions share the same features, such as low population density, abundant natural resources, and low accessibility.

  • This directory of good energy practices helps to overcome some of the challenges northern regions face today by sharing the knowledge and innovation these regions have generated.


Partners from 'Improving Energy Efficiency in Arctic Buildings' are now starting to identify their good practices. Some of the selected ones are the following:


Partners from 'Green Arctic Building' project are now starting to identify their good practices. See a forecast of their planned work:  

  • Identify and develop green technologies, methods and tools for the arctic and sub-arctic climate. 
  • Demonstrate working technologies, methods and tools.
  • Establish learning platform for green buildings in the North.
  • Establish learning modules to provide training and professional development related to green building.
  • Develop recommendations for promoting green buildings.
  • Disseminate results and learning outcome to stakeholders and the general public.