Pilot projects


Partners have developed some pilots in:


Partners have developed some pilots in Finland:

  • Laminated log house in Pello.
  • Wellevi, element house in Levi.
  • Vuotso school building in Sodankylä.
  • Administration building of Lapland Hospital District.
  • Hospital district administration building in Kemi.

         And Sweden:

  • Lusthusbacken (Four smaller residential apartment buildings in Piteå, owned by Polarrenen AB) 
  • Stadstornet (High rise residential apartment building in Piteå, owned by Pitebo)
  • Sjunde Huset / The Seventh House (Semi-detached residential building in Kiruna, owned by Kirunabostäder)

EEBAK project doesn't currently have any information available related to the pilots in Norway. Stay tuned!