About us
Arctic Cluster, or ‘Arctic Collaboration to Support More Efficient Dissemination of Arctic Cooperation Project Results’, is a new interregional project that involves three projects (SECURE, EEBAK and GrAB) and 15 partner regions from Europe, Canada and Russian Federation that are addressing similar themes and territorial challenges on energy efficiency and renewable solutions for buildings. 

The project aims to increase awareness and transfer good energy practices about energy solutions. To achieve this objective, the three involved projects, that are co-funded by three different Arctic Cooperation programmes, will share expertise and knowledge under the new Arctic Cooperation cross-programme with a budget of €45,000.

The duration of the project will be of 12 months. Arctic Cluster started in December 2017 and will finish in November 2018. The three involved projects will optimise networking, co-ordination, monitoring, exchange of information, and the exploitation and dissemination of results. They will try to reach higher quality of projects’ outputs. Partners will not only ensure more digital resources for a bigger outreach, but also the involvement of a wider group of stakeholders to achieve wider target audiences, including policy makers. 

Final result
The final result of the project will be the creation and submission of a new project proposal under Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme to continue working towards a low carbon economy. 

The Arctic Cluster partnership comprises 15 partners from Ireland, UK, Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Canada. Partners include, municipalities, technical universities, agencies and applied research centres with links to the business sectors.